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Sew Free For Summer

I chose Patsy because I wanted another chance at sewing up a boned bodice and I knew I might be able to make an idea come to life. So I printed out the bodice pieces, grabbed some extra paper and got to work.

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[TOUR] Basically Jalie

Guys. I made a cool new shirt and real, actual jeans. With a button and a zipper and a fly. The real deal! Plus crazy giveaway inside!

Christmas Elves

Holiday Freebie: Collect All

Aright, I'm coming to the end of my freebies, but it's still only day 7 over at Winter Wear Designs! Today's pattern is a cute circle drawstring bag for collecting... all the things.  There's options for pockets around the perimeter of the bag, also a center circle zipper pocket or a side welt pocket. It… Continue reading Holiday Freebie: Collect All

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Holiday Freebie: WWD 12 Days Leggings

Today is Day 6 of the Winter Wear Designs 12 Days of Christmas. Half way through and I think today may be my favorite freebie. It's definitely a favorite of Miss Sass, and I've made 4 pairs so far. Have you guessed yet? It's leggings! These legging come with multiple options, but all feature a… Continue reading Holiday Freebie: WWD 12 Days Leggings


[TOUR] Comfy Town

Hello and welcome! I always feel like a talk show host when I'm starting a new post... like, is there every a good way to start an introduction? I'm not sure, maybe that will come with time - although it's been almost a year and a half and here we are talking about this. Anyway! Today, I'm coming to you from the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour and showing off three different makes. There's also tons of chances to win some major MAJOR giveaways, so don't forget to check that out at the end.