[TOUR] Comfy Town

Hello and welcome! I always feel like a talk show host when I’m starting a new post… like, is there every a good way to start an introduction? I’m not sure, maybe that will come with time – although it’s been almost a year and a half and here we are talking about this. Anyway! Today, I’m coming to you from the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour and showing off three different makes.  There’s also tons of chances to win some major MAJOR giveaways, so don’t forget to check that out at the end.

The first make I have to show you is one I’ve made before, the Strappy Cami that released as a freebie when you join the Rebecca Page subscription! This time I used the fabric to make binding for the straps instead of fold over elastic. I like them both, but the fabric straps are definitely softer, so if that’s something that you care about, take the extra bit of time to make the binding yourself. You cannot use store bought bias binding, it needs to be knit to stretch and keep things in place – but the instructions are great. I did go for the gathered front again, I think I just can’t get over that I can make it from a yard. I ordered this Rust Double Brushed Poly from The Fab Clique during her last sale as a flawed piece, but I don’t see any obvious issues. I love using DBP in the winter, it sort of helps to insulate you and trap your body heat, which is welcomed when it’s hitting 16°F!

Next up is my pants. I was super excited about these because I’ve been meaning to make Pippa’s for a while and I always need something like this to push me to actually use a new pattern – instead of one I’ve used and have lying around. These went together crazy easy and I love that there’s no elastic in the waistband and they still feel secure after wearing for hours. I used solid black cotton lycra I stocked up on from Surge Fabric Shop and then added one of the cut files Stephanie created down the leg: #comftytown! I got the vinyl from Hobby Lobby, and it’s a pretty close match to the rust vinyl, which was what I had in mind. I’ve done clothing vinyl a few times on my mother in law’s Cricut (thank you!) and it’s pretty easy. A home iron doesn’t do the absolute best, but I don’t do it enough to put out the money for a heat press (unless someone wants to buy me one for Christmas *wink, wink*). 

Okay, the final piece. The piece de resistance. Finale. My favorite – if you can’t tell. The Cora Cocoon. I have been wanting one of these for a while – and finally bought it just before this tour was announced, of course. Back in August I bought a grey and black sweater knit box from Sincerely Rylee. It would be 4 fabrics, each a three year cut. One of them was this super thick, black, knitted… I don’t even know what. I know I immediately wrapped myself in it and wanted an oversized cardigan, even though I am NOT a cardigan wearing kinda girl. So I kept searching for what I had in mind, not a true circle cocoon, but something that would really only have bands for the wrist area. Let me tell you – this made all my dreams come true. I finally got in front of my machine and sewed it up in record time (it’s all bands – so quick!), put it on and went straight to the living room. I asked “Isn’t this the best, most comfiest thing you have ever seen!?” Of course, The Boy responded with “Maybe if it was softer” from across the room, but Miss Sass ran over and tried to wrap herself inside with me. I guess when you’ve been spoiled with a fleece robe and slippers chunky sweater knits aren’t as nice. But for me – perfection. I’ve been wearing it non stop. 

Do you love it as much as I do? Because I wanna wear this outfit everywhere.

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

Strappy Cami | Pippa Pants | Cora Cocoon
Fab Clique (closed until 12/1) | Surge Fabric | Sincerely Rylee

Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour. Don’t forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter the giveaway posts in our Facebook group for a chance to win some prizes from Rebecca Page.

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  1. Love the vinyl add on. I own a cricut but never even thought of adding to pants lol. Now I’m gonna be making all kinds of fun stuff thanks your work is amazing.


    • I’m not even a big cardigan fan, and I’ve always avoided cocoons, especially. But yes, this is super oversized and like a blanket that’s held on by wrist bands. I’m loving wearing it.


  2. I love it! Thanks for the tip using dbp for the Chloe Cami. I absolutely love the photo showing the back of the Cora Cocoon… All the photos are awesome but especially love the swoop lines and the opacity of your knit showing. Perfect way to showcase the Cocoon.


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