I finally got the chance to sew something! Adrienne over at Goober Pea Designs just started something really great: Sew PDF Pattern Showcase. Sew PDF has a website, a newsletter, an Instagram and a Facebook group you can join. It will focus on small business pattern news, and more specifically the lesser known pattern companies. What a great way to help them build their customer base and work together to help sewists find new patterns to love! Each week there will be patterns for sale (the pattern showcase part) on the Sew PDF site, and I was asked to join the Affiliate Team, where will will be sewing up some brand new versions of these patterns to help promote them and build awareness for the brands. I was able to jump in on the first adult pattern…

The VersatiliTee by Buttons and Bibs.

Let’s start with the pattern pack/instructions

-The top comes with a good number of options: you’ve got a boat, scoop or V neck – and the same options for the back. Then you’ve got your typical sleeve lengths and the option to add ruching to the sides of the shirt and one of the sleeve options. There is only one shirt length option, but they do include an FBA front piece and you print either the ruched or straight shirt. They don’t technically tell you the measurements for the full bust adjustment, only that if you would need to grade 2 sizes or more to use it instead.
-When it comes to the size chart, they have a good range with hips starting at 33.5″ and stopping at 67″! I did have to grade more sizes than my normal, but each size has a small range which means a better fit and that their body type is different than mine.
-I found the pages to print charts to be a little overwhelming, probably in part because I would be printing multiple sizes and the chart lists each size separately. It’s not bad, in fact it is very detailed, but it took me a few minutes and I still missed printing a piece.
-There is A LOT of information and tips for printing, how to put the pattern together and how to make alterations.
-The instructions are thorough and use computer generated images, they were detailed enough for someone a little beyond beginner. I did feel like they could have been a little clearer labeled for ruching/non-ruching instructions, mainly at the beginning.

On to taping AND CUTTING the pattern

-My main thing to mention here is that I felt like I was wasting a lot of paper. The pattern offers both trim and trimless options, I usually go for trimless because it saves me time and it’s just what I’m comfortable with; this point doesn’t really matter which option you choose. The amount to overlap or cut off is a lot. So it feels like I could have saved a lot of paper if the guidelines weren’t so far in.
-Otherwise, it was easy to work with and easy to grade between sizes. Everything lined up well and I was ready to move to fabric quickly.
-There is no mention of how long to cut your pulls. There’s a brief note in the fabric requirements that you need 1.5-3y of something (they list options), but no actual measurement.

sewing and fit

-Sewing is pretty easy, though the ruching makes you do things a little differently. It’s not as straight forward as a plain shirt and takes a little longer, but nothing is hard to do and it all comes together easily.
-I think the fit is really great. It’s a comfortable shirt that I’ve worn more than for just pictures and I get compliments on it. The ruching is a nice detail and I’m sure it will be used again. The length is nice, and even with light ruching doesn’t feel too short.
-The sleeves fit nicely and the shoulder width doesn’t fall off my narrow shoulders (I didn’t do an adjustment since I’ve never made a BnB pattern before).

Don’t forget to go follow Sew PDF for the scoop on hidden gems from small pattern companies!

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