[TESTED] The Dream Dolman

Guess what!? There’s a brand new inclusive pattern company on the prowl and you may already know them!

Amelia Lane Designs and face of the company Mya spent the last few weeks (maybe even months) working on their first pattern in SUPER SUPER secret. For real, we were sworn to secrecy. I’m calling Mya the “Concept Designer” – she came up with the design idea and drafted a single version in her size and then they send it to a professional for grading and digitizing.

The Dream Tee is a dolman that is lightly fitted at the bust and flares out to the hips. There are two length options: tee and dress, I think the tee is slightly longer than normal tee length which I like and the dress looks to hit mid thigh, above the knee. There are two neckline options: a wide scoop and a plunge V – the plunge is my favorite. It’s a pretty daring neckline so I would compare it to your bra height if you wear a more full coverage bra. I like plunge bras anyway, which is perfect because it sits just on top of that. The only thing to note is that both necklines are wide. If you don’t like a wide neckline make sure to narrow that neckline. There are three sleeve lengths to choose from: short sleeve, elbow sleeve and long. I didn’t make the short just because we’re headed into winter but I look forward to it as it warms up. The long sleeve ended up with two options, a hemmed sleeve and a cuffed sleeve that sits just over your wrist. Mine is cuffed (the hemmed version was added later on) and I love it.

The plum purple top is definitely my favorite. I’ve been wearing it multiple times a week as soon as it comes out of the wash. I may even do laundry just to get it in and wear it again. In fact, I might go wash it now and wear it to dinner tonight….
OH! And if you’re wondering what’s next… Mya tells me she’s hoping to get started on a winter pattern in the next few weeks!

ALD Dream Tee | Dream Tee Blog Hacks
*on sale for $7.99 through Tuesday 11/5/19

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