G+G Lollapalooza Top

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George + Ginger has released their newest pattern, the Lollapalooza Top. This top features an off shoulder elastic casing, ruffle/bell sleeves and an elastic encased waistband. I made my first version in quilting cotton, the recommended fabric from testing.

I made another version with a few changes. Instead of using the suggested quilting cotton, I used a drapey gauze from Joann’s, which I think makes a huge difference. As for my changes, well… There wasn’t a pattern piece I left untouched! I started with changing the method of attaching the top elastic: I didn’t want a casing so I cut off 1/2″ from the top of each piece. This allowed me to serge the elastic to the inner edge and then turn over and topstitch. I slimmed the sleeve, tapering it to the same width at the top, taking about 1″ per side off. From there, I lengthened the lower hem ruffle by around 6″ and began to sew it together.

After beginning construction, I made the decision to shorten the sleeves and the bodice pieces (after they were all sewn together of course), so I just serged off the excess, by 1″ and 4″ respectively. My final changes are to the waist. I don’t find the waistband elastic casing to be flattering on my plus size body. I wasn’t sure what to do for a while, but after some brainstorming, I decided to add side ties to pull it in behind my waist and still let it sit flat along the front. I picked out a little of the side seam and inserted ties and it is so much better!

In the future, I will probably just lengthen the top bodice and leave off the lower hem ruffle. I may do some shaping to the sides or slim the center back depending on what I want for my final look.

Which is your favorite? What kind of a hack would you do to make this pattern the best for you?

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

Sewing Blue Blog Tours · Tour

[TOUR] Boys in Summer

Summer. Driving with the windows down. Spending days at the beach. The sand between your toes. Riding waves. Tan skin. Sprinklers. Ice cream and popsicles dripping. Water slides. Slip and slides. BBQ’s that last all day. Firepits and s’mores. Kayaks and floats on rivers. Drive in movies. Chasing bubbles. Picnics in the grass. The smell of chlorine. S’mores and cold drinks.

These are all of the things I think of when I think of summer. And this year, I’m making our bathing suits! They get to be exactly what we want and like and work for us. With the Boys in Summer tour, I was able to focus only on my son because let’s face it he doesn’t get as much sewing. This gave the perfect excuse to order something he loved and make something I know he’ll truly wear (especially since he wouldn’t take it off after pictures!)

For my son, the best bathing suit means no net lining (I’ve cut so many of out of RTW suits) and snug enough not to get pulled down at the water park. So, we sat and looked at some swim options and he decided on the laser cats from Zenith & Quasar and the Jalie Boardshorts. I paired some of their black and red solids for the color blocking and picked up some velcro, eyelets and flat black cording. The shorts weren’t hard, but I didn’t realize that there was a working fly so it was unexpected and more time consuming than I planned. Overall, it came together really nicely. I decided at the last second to make him a shirt from the scraps, too. Sometimes he likes to wear a shirt for waterpark slides or when we go kayaking to help with the sun. I used the Made for Mermaids’ Dylan tee since it has some built in color blocking, sized down to make it snug and added bands to the sleeves and hem for extra length – plus more laser cats is always the right way to go!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the inspiration on our tour just for the boys! I can’t wait for some more ideas and patterns that I’ve missed. It’s hard to find things for boys sometimes, so keep an eye out for all of the new Sewing Blue Blog Tours hosted by Made for Little Gents!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


Jalie Boardshorts

Zenith & Quasar Swim

M4M Dylan Tee

Boys in Summer Blog Tour: Part of the Sewing Blue Blog Tour series hosted by Made for Little Gents

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The Danica Dress

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**I was given this pattern in return for sewing it and giving the designer my feedback and marketing pictures. I was never asked to write a post or to give any positive opinion. The opinions expressed within are my own.**

Remember when Goober Pea Designs rebranded the Mini Swagger from G+G to the Sweet Pea top and dress? Well, they’ve done it again and brought you the Danica Dress!

Danica features the same classic lines you loved when it was the Drama Dress Jr, but with a few changes. The size range was extended to fit Adrienne’s lower sizes (6-12m and 12-18m), the collar sizing changed slightly and has instructions for understitching, the lining is lengthened for those toddler bellies and there’s an option for a slimmer neck tie.

Our dress features the full skirt style with the slim neck tie option, which I really love because it makes it feel less overwhelming. After we took pictures, an option was added for thinner sleeveless bands, which I would take advantage of especially in the lower sizes.


The Danica Dress is on sale until May 16th, use code HEYDANICA for us listings or EHDANICA for cad listings. The entire site will be on sale using these codes, so go ahead and stock up on some other great patterns, too!


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!



Danica Dress


[Tested] GPD Gold River Adventure Dress

[TESTED] GPD Sweet Pea

I also tested the Campbell Jacket and Vest, with collar add ons before I was blogging. My son has outgrown his, but the oversized version I made for my daughter is still used weekly!


[TESTED] PS Sweet Tea

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.*

I recently was invited into the Petite Stitchery & Co. testing group, and my first opportunity came up pretty quickly – the Sweet Tea top and dress.

This is a swing style dress, with one really standout feature – split sleeves with a tie! The sleeves come in short, half and long lengths. There is even an included regular sleeve if you done feel like the split.

The shirt has a wider cut and the tunic and dress both have a slimmer option to feel less overwhelming.


My tunic is made from the always amazing french terry dots in charcoal, from So Sew English and is lined with Kelly Green CL from Surge. It feels put together but also so comfy at the same time.


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


Petite Stitchery Sweet Tea

So Sew English French Terry Dots

Surge Cotton Lycra

Surge 10% coupon (Rewards Program)


[TOUR] It’s Gonna Be May

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**I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. The opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the company sponsoring this post.**

It’s finally looking like it might actually be May sometime soon! Which means we ended up with the perfect timing for the It’s Gonna Be May blog tour with Petite Stitchery & Co. So when this tour was first announced, I had great ideas for hacking the Juliet bodysuit with a zip or lace up front, creating slit bell sleeves on the Emerson shirt, etc. But as I watched sign ups come in, everyone wanted to do the bodysuit. I mean, who wouldn’t? I looked through some of the older patterns and thought that the Belle top and dress would be a great summer option for girls and give a great variety to the blog posts. So I switched!


My new plan was to make both a dress and a top, I bought the new tulip shorts to match. However, fate and my daughter had different plans. She picked out the blue sequin fabric and we both agreed on the polka dots. I cut them both out, but completely forgot to cut the shorter length for the shirt! In my defense, it was late and I was watching Outlander while cutting everything for the week. I may still shorten the polka dots into a shirt after all, which I think we will get more use out of.

The blue dress is made exactly per the pattern, and she absolutely adores it. She puts it on and just begins spinning around and watching it fly. It’s a great simple dress that can last the entire summer.

The pink polka dots is a *sort of* woven hack. She actually measures into the smaller pattern sizing for width, but her height puts her into the 3T range. I didn’t want to have to get both baby and kids patterns and then mash it all together, so I just went with the smallest 2T size and lengthened to 3T. I used white single fold bias tape to finish the neck and arms, and because she is smaller I didn’t even need to add any sort of closure – it just slips right over her head. She did pick out a shimmery pink zipper to go, but we’ll just have to find another use for it!

Overall, Belle is a really nice, simple and quick to sew pattern that will be great throughout the summer and can be changed up for different looks. I’m very happy with the end product and look forward to finally getting to make the Tulip shorts that I bought as well.

Until next time, happy sewing!

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Candi Couture Designs

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Stitched By Jennie

House of Estrela

Sewing Ambi

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[TESTED] G+G Bonaroo Bundle

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.*
**I tested this product for the designer, meaning I made this before the release in order to help create the best fit and instructions. I was given the pattern in exchange for my time, sewing, fabric, feedback, etc. The opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the designer .**

Are you ready for the boho, music festival skirt of your dreams? Admittedly, boho is not the first thing that comes to mind when describing my style. I don’t think it would even be the third. But. When Kristi showed us what she was working on. I was brought back to her runway show in NY and the very first piece to come down the runway. A piece that I gasped out loud about back in February.


This skirt has some subtle differences. There are less gores in this one, and it’s hard to tell if the shape of the inserts are the same. The skirt I made is paired with a shaped, woven, corset waistband. For my skirt, I used a georgette from Sincerely Rylee (it’s not on the site right now, but it was called Londyn – and she has a big sale tonight!) paired with a navy blue crepe from Hobby Lobby. They create this beautiful fullness and drape that feels like a cloud when I walk.


I was able to join up with Joan again for pictures, and we had a great time on this defunct train bridge near our houses. Well, I did. She was wearing heels and we didn’t know it didn’t have a full bottom, so she was nervous. I didn’t help when I started balancing (falling) on the rails. Sorry!


Joan made the high low version of the skirt with double ruffles and also used the corset waistband – there’s an option for a knit yoga band as well. I love that hers can show of her shoes, but be prepared, she did the math and she had over 38 feet of hemming to do! And then she had to gather it all!


Each one may take some time to make (and lots of thread!), but I loved wearing it and it has pushed me to look into going to a festival with my sister and a friend. I could imagine myself wearing it, listening to music in a field somewhere. It will happen. Maybe I’ll even make another skirt!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


G+G Bonaroo Bundle

Sincerely Rylee Fabrics


[TOUR] Top It Off

Welcome to the Top It Off Blog Tour, hosted by Suzanne of Winter Wear Designs! This tour is all about the latest revival pattern from Winter Wear Designs. Revival patterns are older patterns getting a facelift with new instructions, A0 printing options, layers, etc.

tour image

The La Croix is a cross over shirt with reversible options, so you can wear the shirt with the cross over in front or in back, and there’s also two different binding/banding options. One of the major updates to the pattern is a new sleeve that’s cut flat, so if you plan on only wearing the shirt one way, you can have a sleeve not on the fold. *I did not use this sleeve, because my sleeved shirt will be worn both ways*

My first shirt is done per the instructions (although I did measure out the neck band instead of cutting it WOF since I didn’t have that much fabric left) and is a very simple construction. I also eliminated the gathers that create the tulip cross over, because I prefer a shirt that doesn’t have the tulip across my belly. I cut the short sleeves and the reversible option for the shoulders. It goes together easily and fits well, and the modal spandex from my stash (potentially from a Sincerely Rylee scrap box) feels wonderful.

My next is where I took some liberties with the pattern! When we first learned which pattern we would be using, I immediately looked through the tester images and thought that non-reversible option gives a great triangle cutout that mimics the popular choker collar look. As far as we knew, no one else had tried it yet, since the pattern had been released long before it had become popular. So, of course I had to try it! I cut the shoulders for the reversible option, and decided to go with sleeveless so I cut the bands for that and the binding per the regular instructions. I followed the instructions for the construction, turning and hemming the cross over and then spent some time pinning the binding around the neck to decide where I wanted it to stop. This isn’t something I can give you a measurement for, since it will depend on how you like it to hang as well as what size you make. I know there was another blogger who said she’d thought about doing the same thing, so keep an eye out for her version, too!

Get your La Croix while it’s on sale for $6 this week, check out the other bloggers below for tons of inspiration and the WWD Facebook Group for a contest (a fabric gift card to Simply By Ti Fabrics and 2 WWD patterns)!

**I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. The opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the company sponsoring this post.**

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


WWD La Croix Reversible Top

WWD Facebook Group

Simply By Ti Fabrics

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Lisa Dawson guest posting at Winter Wear Designs

[TESTED] M4M Mama Adeline

Before even putting out a tester call for this, Catherine gave everyone a heads up that we should expect something that would need a lot of yardage. And we all proceeded to bug the daylights out of her for weeks wait very patiently for her to have the pattern ready to go into pretesting and then full testing.

Well, she definitely lived up to our excitement and brought us a dress with lots of options. Let’s get all of that out of the way because there’s a lot. Starting from the top, you have two neckline options – higher and lower – as well as two back neckline options – a low scoop back or a keyhole back. From there, you can choose between a sleeveless tank with binding, short sleeve, half sleeve and a bishop sleeve. Then, you choose your skirt length, which will determine the fullness as well. Both the mini and dress lengths use a full circle skirt with two pieces each cut on the fold and the maxi is a half circle, again cut in two pieces. Oh, and we’re still not done. There’s pockets! Two styles to be exact – inseam and slat.

Okay, now that all that’s out there… let’s talk fabric. The dress was designed for medium weight knits such as modal, brushed poly and rayon spandex, but you *can* use something more stable. There were a couple versions made up in liverpool and scuba (I even made one in a stretch crepe!), but you need to remember to check on your vertical stretch. If you decide to use something like these, I would suggest to lengthen at least the bodice just a touch. It is meant to hit just above your natural waist and the medium weights allow for the bodice to reach there. More stable knits with less vertical are going to stay up higher, like mine that closely resembles an empire waist.

I’ve even got some Mommy & Mommy (ya know, instead of Mommy & Me…) pictures to share with you! My friend Joan has started doing some testing, so when her size needed filling I did some name dropping and she was invited to come test! It was nice to have her to talk fitting with and we even got together one night and were able to compare fit and take some measurements for Catherine to check bodice lengths. Plus, someone to take pictures in public with is nice! Joan is wearing two different dresses, the purple floral is a ponte and the black and white is a rayon spandex, both from Joann’s. My maxi is a mint modal from Surge Fabric Shoppe and it’s nice and thick and luxurious feeling. I had some left over so expect to see it again, soon!


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


M4M Mama Adeline

Adeline Hacks Blog

Surge Fabric Shop

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.*

BSD Sweet Lilly Pintuck Dress

Have you been watching the Bella Sunshine Designs weekly Sunday Sunshine Sales? Each Sunday they’re putting an already released pattern on sale for $5 and Continue reading “BSD Sweet Lilly Pintuck Dress”


[TOUR] Spring Into Color

Are you ready for spring? Cause I am SO ready for spring. As I’ve been planning and making this outfit, we’ve gotten three different snow storms with cancelled school days and power outages. The district has officially used up all of our snow days, so using another would mean taking a day back somewhere else (starting with Memorial Day and then Easter). Continue reading “[TOUR] Spring Into Color”


[TESTED] BSD Clementine

So, there’s even more new testing opportunities I’ve been adding in! I’m excited to be welcomed into some new groups and to see how different the testing process is for each. The latest is Bella Sunshine Designs and along with a test they have just hit their 3 year anniversary and gone through a rebranding! Congratulations Melissa and Team BSD! Without further ado, I bring you the new Clementine Top & Maxi. The Clementine Continue reading “[TESTED] BSD Clementine”

52 Week Sewing Challenge · Tour

Week 9 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 9 Theme: Sew Something with Buttons

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: I can’t say for now, but you’ll see soon! (It’s not a new release but I still can’t share for now) Continue reading “Week 9 (52 Week Challenge)”


[TESTED] P4P Go To Jackets

The latest release from Pattern for Pirates brings them jumping straight back from baby patterns to something for the whole family. The Go to Jacket (which I tested in both men Continue reading “[TESTED] P4P Go To Jackets”


[TESTED] G&G With Love

I’ve recently been added to the George & Ginger tester pool! It’s awesome to be working with some of these women I’ve watched (online and on the runway!) and also to be helping Kristi expand her sizing. Her designs are so unique and I’m looking forward to pushing myself to try new styles. Continue reading “[TESTED] G&G With Love”

NYFW 2018 · Tour


I posted on IG as I was packing the morning we left about how excited I was that aside from one pair of pants (and some underthings), I was able to pack and wear all me-made garments for the trip.

For travel, shopping and going out Saturday, I stayed in the same outfit – this was Continue reading “NYFW – MY NYC WARDROBE”

NYFW 2018 · Tour



Joan and I grabbed some breakfast sandwiches and then took our first Uber to The Roosevelt Hotel Sunday morning. We actually came in the back entrance, so it was neat to follow the noise to find so many industry people and models running around the lobby, where we sat and ate our breakfast and got more and more excited. From there, we went to go line up at the doors for the show, which was running late! Everything we had seen was doors open at 9:30 and they’ll close for the show at 10:00, no entrance after that – well, they didn’t start scanning tickets until after 10 and the doors didn’t open for a while after that. We did get to meet the G&G IG contest winner while waiting – she Continue reading “NYFW – THE SHOW”


[TESTED] GPD Sweet Pea

Did you see that the Mini Swagger sweater has gotten a new home!? So all of you that have been kicking yourself for not buying it for the retirement sale or that found George and Ginger later on, rejoice! Adrienne of Goober Pea Designs has taken over the pattern. And there have been some changes…


First up, naming: the pattern formerly known as the Mini Swagger is now.. the Sweet Continue reading “[TESTED] GPD Sweet Pea”


[TOUR] Get Ready for Spring

Welcome to the Seams Like Style day of the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour, hosted by Seams Sew Lo! Don’t forget to check out the blog links at the end to everyone else in the tour and enter the rafflecopter giveaway!

Confession: this is actually my first ever E&M pattern, so I’m going to be giving you my first impressions and honest opinion. The Be Curious dress for girls is a fitted, lined bodice with back closure, using either buttons or snaps, and a placket in the skirt*. There is a long sleeve and a sleeve flounce, you can use either one or both. The skirt is a vintage length, which can be extended by adding the bottom ruffle for a knee length dress.

*I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. The opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the company sponsoring this post.*

I size blended like I normally have to for the girl – she fits into the size 3 height, but she’s so tiny that her chest fits into the 18-24m range and her waist is even smaller in the 12-18m. I’m very used to blending sizes at this point, but I did notice that there aren’t any instructions in the pattern, which I found unusual. For construction, I tend to skip over the instructions, but when checking I found that they were mostly the way I would do it and in the same order anyway. I do wish there was a cut list for the rectangle pieces instead of relying on pattern pieces and that the skirt was cut in 3 parts (instead you cut your back skirt in half later on). *I was a little thrown by the placket – I’ve made them before and a lot of woven garments rely on them. This isn’t a true placket, though – more of a split seam – maybe close to a zipper placket, without the zipper.

My fabric was bought from Mood in NYC during my trip last weekend, and while I love how soft and silky it is and the color… It was a tough fabric to work with. It doesn’t want to stay still and kept shifting on me, resulting in some not great stitching and puckers. Had I been taking my time, I could’ve seam ripped and had nicer seams, but knowing I needed to have this out on time and that it was for my daughter who will stain it in some way before she grows out of it…. I let it go. Sometimes it’s good to not demand perfection and be so hard on ourselves. Plus, I know it’s still better than something I could buy in some stores.


Overall, I like this dress and I want to try it out again in a different fabric. I plan to buy another pattern as well to review, so please let me know if you have any ideas on one to choose!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


The Be Curious Dress for Girls

Mood NYC

NYFW – My Shopping Experience


Please visit all the stops on the Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour featuring Ellie and Mac spring sewing patterns (35% of right now), hosted by Seams Sew Lo. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below, too!

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  24. February 26th: Oak Blue Designs
  25. February 27th: Big Fly Notions
  26. February 28th: Sewing Blue

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*As always, there are some affiliate links in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase.*
NYFW 2018

NYFW – Shopping Experience

I think just about everyone knew that I was going to NYC this past weekend for NYFW. It was an incredible opportunity – that I couldn’t pass up – to see and support Kristi of George & Ginger Pattern Co. at the Emerging Designers show with The Society Fashion Week. I guess the best way for me to do this without a total overload is to break it up into different sections, so we’ll take a look at our garment district shopping experience, my NYC/NYFW wardrobe and finally the show itself.


What an amazing but also overwhelming experience. I’m not sure why I’ve never gone to the NYC garment district before, since it seriously took us 1 1/2 hours to drive there… and it was Saturday during Fashion Week. But, we parked in a multi-level garage for about 5 hours and it cost us $21, they were pretty friendly overall and we didn’t have any issues. From there, we went across the street to B&J Fabrics – this was one of the “have to hit it” places on our list, but we knew we wouldn’t be buying. There was a lot of wool with prices ranging from $40/y and up, lots of different velvets, gorgeous formal fabrics and an entire section of fur/leather/etc sold “by the skin”. I fell in love with their gorgeous Silk Ombre Charmeuse, but the $62 per yard price tag was a bit rich for my blood.

From there, we made our way into Pacific Trimming and spent a bit of time. I was awed by their entire room full of zippers ( I have a test running that needs zippers but unfortunately since I didn’t know what colors I’d want I skipped buying any), drawers and drawers full of buttons and rows of elastic, bias tape and pretty much any notion you could dream of. They even had bra cups and purse handles! Joan and I both made our first small purchase here and began our discussion of coming back.

After Pacific Trimming we headed to Spandex House. The entire downstairs is full of prints like mermaid scales and other holographic options, polka dots, hearts, food and anything else you could think of. There’s no prices listed but from what we could tell everything was $13. They have a second floor (but it’s actually on the third floor!) which has all your solids and I was in heaven. I controlled myself, though! I bought 6 yards of solid cotton lycra and then a remnant pink/black piece you’ll see very soon!

Finally, for our last stop, we headed to MOOD! The rest of the trip was great, but I think this was really the high point for me. I’ve been a long time watcher of Project Runway and have always had an interest on clothing, so finally being at Mood was unexplainable. There’s three different floors, but they have everything labeled so well and it was easy to find what you were looking for. Some of the prices were a little on the steep side, but most of them were right in line with what I would expect to find online for good quality fabric. I didn’t find anything that felt low quality to me and the fact that every single person working there was knowledgable and helpful was one of the best parts. We came in at the end of a extremely busy day but they were still upbeat and happy and made you feel welcome. In fact, Griffin and (I think it was Chris), both stood out as super friendly and recognized me in other parts of the store when we ran into each other. We really wanted to ask Griffin to go get a drink he was so great! I bought some white stretch denim to make pants with and an ombre rayon that will be a shirt to go along (so any designers reading this, I’m looking for a summer shirt that will work with an ombre print – and I’ll volunteer to test!). I also got some polyester lining that feels so silky and soft, I grabbed three different shades of blue, which you’ll also see later this week!

Don’t forget to check back to read all about my experience going to the show (and my likes) as well as my NYFW wardrobe for the weekend!


See you next time, until then – Happy Sewing!



B&J Fabrics

Pacific Trimming

Spandex House

Mood Fabrics

*As always, there are some affiliate links in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase.*

[TESTED] M4M Stella Sweater

Right on the heels of the last release and Sew A Long, Made for Mermaids is releasing the next set of patterns in the Lounge & Lace Collection. This one includes girls and their dolls and is perfect for showing of those Bridgette’s we’ve all been hard at work making.

Continue reading “[TESTED] M4M Stella Sweater”

52 Week Sewing Challenge

Week 5 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 5 Theme: Something From A Newly Acquired Pattern

Accepted or Rejected: Challenge Accepted

Pattern: Made for Mermaids’ Mama Bridgette

Fabric: Stretch Faux Leather from Hobby Lobby

Notes: So, yes I just tested this, but I’m so busy that I’m not buying many patterns right now and I’m not really sure what my last acquired pattern would be – except for this. And… I made one this week totally not for testing and just for fun. It’s faux stretch leather edged with picot elastic – and it’s incredible! The only change I made was to lengthen the bottom band to mimic a longline bra.


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


M4M Bridgette Bralette

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52 Week Sewing Challenge

Week 4 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 4 Theme: Something For A Boy

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: New Horizons 11th Hour Gear pants, P4P Jolly Roger Raglan

Fabric: Stretch Denim, Black Performance Knit, Grey Rib Knit (all from Joann) and BB8 Panel from Sugar Ink Fabrics

Notes: So one of the things in my goals for this year was pants for my son and this was the perfect excuse to push it up onto my to do list. I bought the New Horizons pattern set last year specifically to get pants for him and **thoughts on fit/construction**

I bought this panel from Sugar Ink during one of the big sales around Black Friday and while it’s actually a plus size panel I really liked it to make a large graphic shirt for the boy. I didn’t have any coordinates for it and knew I wouldn’t find anything locally (or have time to order), so we decided a raglan would look best.

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


New Horizons 11th Hour Gear

Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan

Sugar Ink Fabric

*As always, there are some affiliate links in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase.*

[TESTED] M4M Bridgette & Victoria

Have you seen the latest release from Made for Mermaid’s? Their new Lace & Lounge collection is everything, it’s comfortable and sexy all at the same time. Bridgette and Victoria are the lace (or maybe still lounge!) part of the collection, featuring a bralette with multiple options and matching bottoms in either cheekie or thong. Let’s just say that all of us were making so many versions and it made for an interesting test group!

There are some supplies that you don’t usually have on hand, I know I didn’t, and Joann’s and Hobby Lobby, Continue reading “[TESTED] M4M Bridgette & Victoria”

52 Week Sewing Challenge

Week 3 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 3 Theme: Something To Make Sewing Easier

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: basic zipper box pouch – no pattern

Fabric: Quilter’s Cotton scraps, purple and gradient dots. Both from Joann

Notes: I wanted to use up some zippers in my stash and needed something to hold all the small stuff that ends up all over the table when sewing, including pattern weights. I wanted bigger bags, so cut fabric to be as large as possible based on the zipper I matched up. The smaller two have fusible fleece to give structure and the largest has some thin batting with fusible interfacing in a decor weight.

This is an easy project to use up some scraps and pouches are pretty much always helpful. And full disclosure – one of the bags is going to be my new makeup bag, because I need it!


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


*As always, there may be some affiliate links in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase.*

Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour

First off, a big thank you to Lo for hosting this blog tour, it’s been fun and pushed me to make some doll clothes! (Plus, there’s a giveaway – don’t forget to check at the end!) It was both easier and harder than expected… Sleeves were not super easy, but they go so quickly that I think it’s not as painful! This pattern is a beautifully finished dress and comes together in no time flat. Continue reading “Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour”

52 Week Sewing Challenge

Week 2 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 2 Theme: Something From the Last Fabric You Purchased

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: M4M Mermaid Tail Blanket (for girls and dolly)

Fabric: Fleece from Joann’s

Notes: I did make some changes to the pattern and construction, though not really anything visually different. I made it smaller than the pattern does because I wanted something that would fit my tiny girl. The construction was slightly different, but really just in order of ding things and doesn’t actually change the outcome. Overall, a quick and easy make with a HUGE thrill for little girls.

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


Made for Mermaids – Mermaid Tail Blanket

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52 Week Sewing Challenge · Tour

52 Week Sewing Challenge

There are so many sewing challenges popping up right now! One of the many that I’ve joined is the 52 Week Sewing Challenge, which has weekly themes for what you’ll be sewing. You can accept or reject the challenge, and posting your make in that week’s thread enters you in the giveaway (for that week, drawn randomly.

Not only will I be posting within the group, but I plan on having a quick post here each week with the theme, if I accepted or rejected and what I made. (Items are counted if you complete during that week. You can start ahead of time but it must be completed that week.)


Week 1 Theme: Something Warm/Soft

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: Large Peyton Scarf

Fabric: Sweater Knit, purchased in a destash

Notes: This pattern is one I drafted/adapted for holiday gifts, in two sizes. This is the larger size that can be used multiple ways – large scarf, doubled scarf, scarf with headwrap, shrug – even a breastfeeding cover if you wanted! (The smaller size is meant for a single layer wrap only and isn’t able to be doubled, but is great for an easy, full scarf. I’ll probably be making myself a small one soon, too…)


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


Patterns/Links in this post

52 Week Sewing Challenge FB Group

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.*

My 2018 Sewing Goals

Seeing as it’s the new year, and I’d like to try sewing with more intention this year, I thought it’d be a good idea to get a list together. Hopefully, it will be something I can refer back to and keep myself on track. Of course, it’s not going to be a list of only these things – I made sure not to make that. Some things come with special events, tests or needs and wants that pop up throughout the year. Plus – this years gift sewing!

So, here it is… My list of 2018 Sewing Goals. Ideas, inspiration, needs… Maybe I’ll do a recap at the end of the year and see how I did! Continue reading “My 2018 Sewing Goals”


[Tour] Mommy & Me Holiday

A few weeks ago a call went out in one of my blogging groups for a Mommy & Me Holiday tour – I jumped on  it. I immediately knew I wanted to include my son, I’m always afraid that he might feel left out, especially with all of the adorable girls stuff in PDF world. I’m sure there’s more mom’s out there with a potentially sewing-lonely son…

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the holiday inspiration linked below as well as the Rafflecopter from our Sponsors!

I had recently picked up some burgundy velvet and faux leather from the seasonal apparel section of Hobby Lobby Continue reading “[Tour] Mommy & Me Holiday”

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Christmas Elves Day 6

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Winter Wear Designs gave to me… a cute animal scarf with faces freebie!

Today’s mini post is absolutely adorable. They’re so cute and I’m wishing I hadn’t done modeled photos so I could’ve given them to the kids for Christmas. Oh well. There’s always more!

There are a bunch of different face options that you can customize further to make lots of options (I might use the fox to make a wolf for my son and his friend that are obsessed). The lengths come in toddler, big kid and adult and the “tail” tucks behind the face. All without being too bulky and long.

These are definitely a it in my house, I’m sure they will be in yours, too. Plus… free! Go check out the Facebook group for the code.

Unless I get some surprise sewing time, I’ll be back after the weekend for a couple more freebies. Keep checking the group and the Winter Wear Designs blog, too! Freebies are going all weekend!


Links/Patterns in this post

Animal Scarves

Christmas Elves Day 1 – Kids Pajamas

Christmas Elves Day 2 – Women’s Tee

Christmas Elves Day 3 – HTV Cut Files

Christmas Elves Day 5 – Henley Hood Add On

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Christmas Elves Day 5

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Winter Wear Designs gave to me… a hood add on for the EBTKS Henley! If you’ve got a keen eye and have been looking closely, you’ve seen this sneak peaked in Day 1 and Day 3 mini posts!

This hood is super easy, it’s two pattern pieces to make 4 parts. The hood is lined, crossed over in the front and the entire shirt comes together way quickly. I think I made both, from cut to finish, in a total of 1-2 hours? Lots of breaks in between, because kids, of course!

This one is free with no coupon needed and the EBTKS Henley is still on sale for $3 through the 12 Days!


Links/Patterns in this post

WWD EBTKS Henley Hood Add On

Christmas Elves Day 1 – Kids Pajamas

Christmas Elves Day 2 – Women’s Tee

Christmas Elves Day 3 – HTV Cut Files

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Christmas Elves Day 3

On the Third Day of Christmas, Winter Wear Designs gave to me… vinyl cut files in multiples of three!

Three file types for each of the NINE designs, to be exact.


This was my first time using a cut machine. I’ve applied iron-on before, but not much and it was pre-made, store bought type stuff. So this was definitely an experience.


I got to spend a really fun Sunday afternoon with my mother in law though, since she has a Cricut Explore Air 2. First we had to figure out how to import the files, then how to load the vinyl correctly and weed. We also spent some time playing with window cling vinyl and designing some of our own files to use soon!


These are really cute designs for kids (or even adults) and have gotten me really interested in using a cut machine more often.


I don’t have anything for tomorrow’s freebie, but I’ll be back on Friday for another quick post. Any guesses for what’s next?


Links/Patterns in this post

HTV Cut Files

Christmas Elves Day 1 – Kids Pajamas

Christmas Elves Day 2 – Women’s Tee

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Christmas Elves · Tour

Christmas Elves Day 2

Today, the WWD Christmas Elves bring you…. the Cross Front Hem T-Shirt! This is a modern, simple tee with a cute little bottom hem detail that makes it look like a tulip 23519069_10214994516756314_1757257983526794413_ncross over. The shirt sews up super easily and can be used as your own pajamas paired with the Parisian Nights PJ Pants or used as a stylish every day shirt. And guess what, today is the day I bring you a tutorial!


Do you know what a swayback is? A swayback is a forward curvature of the spine in the lower back, usually accompanied by the hips tilting forward and pushing the lower belly out. It also can be caused (or exaggerated) by a perky booty – a Kardashian booty! For garment sewing/fitting, this results in fabric pooling at the lower back (and for me, at least, making my torso sometimes look twice as large). So, we need to somehow take out this extra fabric to let the garment pull in towards the curve. There’s a nice post about this at Curvy Sewing Collective, but I’ve never had great success with it, and another that I stumbled upon talking about rotating the shoulder slope towards the center back which pulls the neckline up. Both are options, but sometimes a quick and dirty adjustment is what works best (and lets you increase even after completing your garment).

I have a number of pictures documenting how I created my adjustment, but the explanation should be fairly simple. This pattern has the back bodice cut on the fold – so instead I cut straight up the fold line, adding seam allowance. This creates two back pieces, but to start with I sewed them up completely straight. Once the shirt was constructed, before hemming, I checked to see how much and where I needed to “lose” fabric.


As you can see, there’s a good amount of pooling at my back, just below the half way point of the shirt. I put the shirt on inside out and had my husband help me pinch the fabric at the largest point of my curve, right on the center seam, so you can see how much I need to take out and clipped it. We estimated that 2″ would bring it right along my back. Then I took the shirt off and laid it out flat and straight on my mat.

Next, I used some tailors chalk and drew a curve along the seam. It ends up looking like an exaggerated side/hip curve. I used this line as my new “edge” and ran it through my serger following this curve. I wish I had saved the piece it cut off and taken a picture, but I think you can get the idea. (After trying it on and starting to take some pictures, I realized I could actually straighten the top of the curve a bit to reduce some gaping still happening. Along with my swayback my entire back curves in to my spine so that may be a “just me” problem. After doing that, the top curve is very gradual and the bottom half is exactly the same.)


And here is what the final shirt looks like! The fit is so much better, but still keeps the slightly loose fit that it was designed for. By the way, you can make this adjustment to your pattern piece, I will for future makes. I made the adjustments after sewing this time because it was a first time make so I didn’t know how much I would need for this specific shirt and wanted to be able to pinch that excess to find the best placement. If you know where a shirt lands for you because you’ve made it before, you could go straight ahead and alter the pattern piece.

Do you have any guesses for what tomorrow could bring?


Links/Patterns in this post

WWD Cross Front Tee

WWD Parisian Nights PJ Pants

CSC Swayback Adjustment

PSC Swayback Adjustment

Christmas Elves Day 1 – Kids Pajamas

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Christmas Elves Day 1

So the latest excitement in the Seams Like Style blog world is being a part of a series of pattern giveaways and hacks. What does this mean? Well, every year around the holidays, many PDF pattern groups offer a bunch of free things. These range from pattern hacks like a new neckline or collar option, to small patterns that can be used for making gifts. Well, this year, Winter Wear Designs has SO MANY THINGS for you! #sewallthethings


I’ll be doing mini-posts for each day that has an item I’ve helped with, as well as links to the items and a round up post at the end! Plus – I may or may not have made up a fitting tutorial on one of the patterns – check back to see!


So, today brings you…. Kids Pajama Pants!!! I really like that these give the option of using woven or knit, and still mixing up a yoga style waistband or elastic casing on either option. They’re not a slim/tight fit, but not as wide as some other’s available, which makes them a nice middle ground. They’re also cut as 4 leg pieces, which is nice for conserving fabric as well as adding other details like pockets or changing the shape if you want to.


I used these for our Christmas pajama pictures this year, paired with the Everything but The Kitchen Sink Henley t-shirt.

What do you think tomorrow will bring?


Links/Patterns in this post

WWD Free Kids PJ Pants – free with code in FB Group

WWD EBTKS Henley – on SALE for $3 through the 12 days!

Winter Wear Designs Fun Group on Facebook

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable.

[Tested] M4M Catherine & Mama Catherine

Made for Mermaids has released their newest set of patterns and they are so cute! As they do a lot, there’s three different versions of the Catherine pattern –  Mama, Girl and Dolly sizes. So easy for matching, especially with the holidays coming. (Speaking of the holidays, this pattern has enough ease through the waist and hips, Continue reading “[Tested] M4M Catherine & Mama Catherine”


[Tour] Petite Stitchery Rory

Today, I join a group of wonderful bloggers for the Petite Stitchery New Women’s Tops Sewing Patterns Release Blog Tour! I’m really excited because this is my first ever blog tour and it’s awesome to be linking up with all these other talented women. It’s a different experience from testing and Continue reading “[Tour] Petite Stitchery Rory”


[Tested] WWD Omega Top & Tunic

Now entering the ring is the new Winter Wear Designs Omega Top & Tunic: a stylish blouse made for drapey wovens like rayon, peachskin or voile. The shirt is loose

Continue reading “[Tested] WWD Omega Top & Tunic”


A Faire Day

I promised that I would actually post about the rest of the Faire outfits I made this year, and I don’t want to get too far away from it and end up forgetting. So.. you’re getting an extra post!

Before going, we spent a lot of time explaining what the Renn Faire IS to my son. Which is harder than you’d think. Continue reading “A Faire Day”


[Tested] P4P Wiggle Dress

Recently, Patterns for Pirates had a Next Top Tester contest, I joined figuring if nothing else it would be a new and different experience. It was a completely crazy week with over 500 of us in the testing group doing mens, womens and kids versions of their free Walk the Plank Pajama bottoms. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of my first pair. I did shorts and there was an issue with the leg width for the plus sizes. This did get fixed for the released version, but we didn’t test it.

Continue reading “[Tested] P4P Wiggle Dress”


[DIY/Hack] A Merida Dress for the Faire

We recently made plans with a small group of friends to go to the Renaissance Faire. When a date was decided, one friend let us know that they “go in costume” and hubby immediately responded by asking if they had any idea what they had just done. 😂😂 Yes, I had already started planning outfits, sorting through patterns in my head and dreaming of fabric! He was actually the one who came up with the idea for my daughter’s outfit. He’s always loved Merida, even though I don’t think he’s watched the whole movie yet.DSC_0890

I actually ended up making two Merida dresses. Yes, there’s a story there. For the first dress I used Made for Mermaids Sutton which I’ve hacked before to make a Sofia dress, but didn’t blend sizes then. Let me tell you – princess seams are not fun to blend sizes and hack. I made 3 muslins and have an almost finished dress:

  • Blend 1/2 width and 2 height
  • Change closure from front to back
  • Raise/widen neckline to more of a boatneck shape, add in v cutout
  • Draft/change sleeves to not be gathered at sleeve cap, fit with less ease and extend to wrist. Then slice apart for each section (more on this later)
  • Extend bodice to maxi skirt length, flaring bottoms to mimic a half circle skirt
  • Not complete: hem and sleeve hem with added ruffle
  • Not complete: neck ruffles
  • Not complete: close the back skirt seam to hip and put eyelets on back bodice for lacing closure

Continue reading “[DIY/Hack] A Merida Dress for the Faire”


A Dress and A Launch Party

Book SignedI had such an incredible experience last night. My friend Joan and I went to the launch party for Charm Patterns by Gertie! It was in this really cute store on Main Street in Beacon, NY. I had never been to the store, Beetle and Fred, but will definitely be back. There was this cotton lawn that was so dreamy feeling, patterns from Oliver + S and Made by Rae and Collette. There’s also a sewing studio where they hold classes and a Thursday night Make Out where you can bring in whatever project you’re working on and even rent a machine for the night.  Continue reading “A Dress and A Launch Party”


[Tested] GPD Gold River Adventure Dress


mccarty.stars3.newI have really come to respect Adrienne, the designer of Goober Pea Designs (aff link). This is the second test I’ve done with her (the first was her Campbell Jacket) and I’m really pleased with her integrity and work ethic. During the pre-test period, it was found that her sizing, which was spot on and drafted perfectly, didn’t match the newest available industry standard measurements. Not only did she extend deadlines for her pattern, she purchased the latest information to make sure she would be in line with average measurements and other indie designers.

Continue reading “[Tested] GPD Gold River Adventure Dress”


Looks Like I’m a Blogger, Now

My name is Nikki and I’ve decided to go absolutely crazy and become a blogger. Wait, what?Headshot


I don’t really like to talk about myself – or at least in an introductory, who am I, sort of way. Here goes nothing, right? The best way to get over that MUST be by starting a blog.

  • I’m a young mom to two. My oldest is my nine year old son and my daughter is two. You’ll see both of them on here as I try to make sure I sew for them, even if finding things my son likes is hard.
  • I’m married, but we weren’t when we became parents. We’ve been together ten years now and there have been lots of ups and downs, which is just like life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  • I did work, up until about 3 years ago. I was a secretary/office manager/IT assistant/purchase manager/no real title for an awesome boss that I worked for when I was a teenager as well. We worked for a finance company, but also for some related non-profits… Long story short, we spent a ton of time increasing department productivity and implementing new software – then came the call that my position was “no longer needed”.
  • I am now a homemaker, stay at home mom, caretaker, wrangler of the natives – pick your favorite, they all work! I was let go from the job I talked about right when my son was starting full day school and my husband was starting a new job that made him unavailable for drop off/pick up. Perfect timing!

Continue reading “Looks Like I’m a Blogger, Now”