[Pattern Testing 101] 4|How Do I Get Picked?

Welcome back to Day 4 in Pattern Testing 101! Catch up on previous days here: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. Today is all about how to actually start testing, how to get picked and things you can start working on now.

How To Get Picked
The simple answer to this is to sign up for every test call you see. That’s the easiest tried and true way, and how most of us got started. Someone who took a chance after we had


applied for a dozen (or 3 dozen) tests. Even after you’ve been testing for a while, you may still apply for tests and not be chosen.

  • The longer answer is that different designers do things differently and it will depend on who you want to test for.
    Some designers will place a test call in their support group (or other general sewing groups) when they are looking for testers.
  • Some designers have their own “tester pool” group where they will place the calls. Every so often, they will post a general tester call (in their group or other general groups), to bulk up their pool and get new faces.
  • Sometimes, a designer will reach out to you after seeing your work being posted in their group.

How To Get Noticed
There’s a few things you can do to try and get noticed by designers, which will help your chances of being picked for a test.

  • Make things and share them in groups and on Instagram. If there’s a certain designer you want to test for, use their patterns and post in their group. If a designer recognizes your name you’ll be more likely to be picked.
  • Take pictures of everything you make and share them everywhere. Work on making your pictures look like something that would convince you to buy a pattern. Get comfortable in front of the camera, it will show.
  • Participate in groups, just by answering questions and interacting.
  • Follow all the instructions in a test call, it lets them know you’re paying attention and are able to follow those directions.
  • Apply to work with designer’s who’s patterns you are enthusiastic about, it will show that you really like their patterns and aren’t just trying to get in anywhere. Designers have different styles and they need to work with yours.
  • Make muslins so that you can really learn how garment construction works and how things fit your body, the designer is going to rely on you to give detailed feedback about the fit.

Remember that there’s no foolproof way to get started, and not being picked doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. There are some sizes that have TONS of people applying, and others that designers are always looking for. Usually, it’s the middle of the range that has lot of applicants and the very low and high end that needs more people. Newborn sizes are also hard to come by, obviously newborns grow quickly and new parents aren’t looking to add testing on to their plate. Think about what you have to offer that can make you stand out and use it.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the final installment of Pattern Testing 101 for 9 Tips and Tricks.

Check back tomorrow for the final installment full of Tips & Tricks!
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Special Thanks To The Following Testers/Bloggers/Designers
for providing me with quotes and insight on this project:
Amanda Savoie | Dana Cole | Chaney Baxley Mobley
Stephanie Troemel | Aaronica Bell Cole | Joan Edmondson | Sequoia Bond
Stephanie Thiel, Rad | Melissa Prendergast, BSD | Adrienne Curry, GPD


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