[TESTED] M4M Bridgette & Victoria

Have you seen the latest release from Made for Mermaid’s? Their new Lace & Lounge collection is everything, it’s comfortable and sexy all at the same time. Bridgette and Victoria are the lace (or maybe still lounge!) part of the collection, featuring a bralette with multiple options and matching bottoms in either cheekie or thong. Let’s just say that all of us were making so many versions and it made for an interesting test group!

There are some supplies that you don’t usually have on hand, I know I didn’t, and Joann’s and Hobby Lobby, which are my local brick and mortar options, don’t carry much – if any – of what you need. So, the majority of this post will be about what those supplies are and where you can get them.


-First up is double galloon lace – when we got the heads up that this was coming, a lot of us had no idea what Megan was saying and went immediately to Google. So, double galloon lace is a type of lace that has finished edges, usually scalloped, on both sides and comes in varying widths. You’ll need either 6″ or 8″, though the majority of sizes need 8″ to fit the bralette pieces. When you use this option, you do have some wiggle space for coverage as you can line the pattern edges up on the outer most curve or along the inner curve of the finished edges. The cheekies can use either 6″ or 8″ for every size in the range.


-Next is picot elastic, this is softer than the regular knit elastic you can get at Joanns, etc. One side is finished with a decorative loop or ruffle. You can use regular elastic, yes I tried, it just won’t be as comfortable. As for color, choose to use a skin tone color so that it is less noticeable or something that either matches or complements the colors of you lace or other fabric.

-Speaking of, you can use fabric yardage such as mesh, stretch lace, jersey, etc. I made a test longline bralette hack in scuba, my floral set pictured is in knit similar to swim and Michelle made a set in custom zombie cotton lycra from RockerByeDestash (the sets is going to be blogged about here). You will need to make sure that you have at least 30% stretch, but I personally would also try for something that has good recovery and stability.

lace trim

-If you use fabric yardage, you’ll also need to get some stretch lace trim to finish the raw edges. Between 5/8″ – 1″ is what’s recommended, but I did some finished with the picot lace instead and it works, but does have slightly less coverage. Again, you can get colors to match or complement your fabric.

I’ve made at least one of each bralette style and multiple cheekies, and every single one is very comfortable, plus you have the added benefit that it actually fits with a personalized cup and band. That’s at least part of why we all sew, right? Like usual, their size range is more inclusive then a lot of indie designers, but check first to make sure it will work for you. The size of galloon lace does limit the availability for anything larger (though I am interested if it could be graded up with wider lace – if anyone tries please link or tag me!)

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


M4M Bridgette – Bralette and Nightie

M4M Victoria – Cheekies and Thong

M4M Lounge & Lace Collection Bundle

Surge Fabric Shop – Wide Galloon Lace (over 5″)

Surge 10% coupon for new customers (Rewards Program)

MarySupplies on Etsy (many options for picot elastic and trim)

Sew Sassy Fabrics (lace, trim and elastic)

Boho Fabrics (lace trim options)

M4M Bridgette & Victoria Sew A Long (Feb. 5-9)

*As always, there are some affiliate links in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small percentage of your purchase.*


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