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[TOUR] Basically Jalie

Guys. I made a cool new shirt and real, actual jeans. With a button and a zipper and a fly. The real deal! Plus crazy giveaway inside!


[TOUR] It’s Gonna Be May

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn't cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.* **I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. The… Continue reading [TOUR] It’s Gonna Be May


Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour

First off, a big thank you to Lo for hosting this blog tour, it's been fun and pushed me to make some doll clothes! (Plus, there's a giveaway - don't forget to check at the end!) It was both easier and harder than expected... Sleeves were not super easy, but they go so quickly that… Continue reading Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog Tour


[Tour] Mommy & Me Holiday

A few weeks ago a call went out in one of my blogging groups for a Mommy & Me Holiday tour - I jumped on  it. I immediately knew I wanted to include my son, I'm always afraid that he might feel left out, especially with all of the adorable girls stuff in PDF world.… Continue reading [Tour] Mommy & Me Holiday


[Tour] Petite Stitchery Rory

Today, I join a group of wonderful bloggers for the Petite Stitchery New Women's Tops Sewing Patterns Release Blog Tour! I'm really excited because this is my first ever blog tour and it's awesome to be linking up with all these other talented women. It's a different experience from testing and that's why I started… Continue reading [Tour] Petite Stitchery Rory