[MADE] RP Madison

Speaking of hitting goals, I’m still nicely working my way there. This make is another check in the “Work with Wovens” box, and in what a way!

I love the designs that Rebecca Page comes out with, even if sometimes they’re too… business-ey for me? That’s something that’s always able to be changed, though, because with sewing we can choose our own fabrics and styling. I’m actually toying with making an opaque, maybe black, collared version of Madison to see if it lends itself to being more casual. But, let’s get to the actual sew, right!?

I’ve eyed this triangle dotty chiffon at Joann’s for a long time and I can’t even find it on their website to link or find more in another store. It’s sheer, but really only in light and it’s a subtle enough print that it can read as a solid depending on how you’re wearing it. I was pretty set on making the bow version but I ended up needing to cut the bow/collar piece in two with added seam allowance because I left that piece to the end of my cutting and didn’t have enough length to do it on the fold.

I’ve worked with chiffon before, but in really simple pieces that didn’t take very long. So I think I was a little thrown and out of my element to start with. Once I remembered that I had some spray starch in a drawer, everything became a lot easier, though it still frays pretty badly with handling. I even used a pinking rotary blade to cut the entire thing. I really love the flat felled seams that Rebecca includes in the instructions – but heads up the side you fold over tends to always be the side with gathered fabric, so there’s a lot of it to get under control and pressed nicely. It’s probably what took the longest.

I did end up having to do a full bicep adjustment, but I don’t have any pictures because it was a rush job. As in, I made the entire shirt without checking first and realized when I put it on… So, then came waiting out snow storms and running back to Joann’s, fingers crossed, hoping they had just a little of the chiffon left. They did! SO I then went home, re cut the sleeves, ripped out the flat felled / not sewn in the round sleeves and did the new sleeves in the round. (I don’t recommend trying this at home haha because the armsyce had a 1/4″ SA left after trimming for the original flat felling and the new sleeve had the original 1/2″ SA, so that’s fiddly to get done right.)

Overall, I really love how this shirt fits now, and the bow is just fun. I had fun taking pictures of it and I think my neighbors enjoyed watching me act like an idiot while they played with their new dog!

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