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Sunday Lately 006-2019

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This week I’m playing catch up from last week and running the actual week 6 prompts. The polar cortex deep freeze meant we had to run the heat so much that I was actually in physical pain from the dry air. The downside of being a SAHM is that I pretty much didn’t leave the house all week, which means I was cooped up with the dry air non-stop. I finally started running a humidifier which has helped. Plus I had some medical issues that caused nausea and general ickyness – add in that I was rushing to finish the Duchess Jacket test and by mid morning Sunday it hit me SO HARD. I actually spent most of the Superbowl asleep on Joan’s couch because my body just couldn’t stay awake! So, let’s recap last week and move on to this… Can you believe it’s the sixth week already!?

Quoting. Designers who keep saying they’re not expanding sizing because of us, when it’s because of them. The choices they make for their business are just that – their choices. They’re allowed to only make for certain sizes, but they need to stop saying that they’re not doing larger sizes because we’re too hard to design for. It has nothing to do with out bodies, designing for us is not any harder than designing for any other bodies. It’s a different skill, and if you don’t have it that’s fine. Just don’t try to turn the blame on us because you don’t want to admit you don’t have a skill or a want to expand. We see right through you. The words you’ve used on public forums are being quoted back at you and now it’s time to own them.

Signing. Forms to register Miss Sass for Pre-K, which is exciting but kind of heart breaking at the same time. It’s led to some interesting discussions this week about what our life will be like come this fall. Also, I can’t believe how many pages I had to print for it. 18 pages, and that’s not including the information I had to bring with me for proof of residency, birth certificate, etc. I don’t remember having to do this much when we registered The Boy a few years back.

Thanking. People in my life who really care and push me to do things even when they’re scary. That take the time to talk things through with me and help me understand that I might just be making a big deal in my own head and I can leap. It’s so helpful to know that I’m doing things right and that I have people who want to see me to these cool things – people besides family.

Needing. To really get moving on my list of stuff for March’s Break the Rules with House of Curves. I’ll be leading everything for the month, and while I won’t tell you what the theme is just yet, I’m super excited! But, I also have so many things I need to get made up and pictures taken and posts written. So I’m trying to clear my plate so that I can really focus and get those things done with enough time to breathe in between.

Cooking. All of the things. I do a lot of cooking, actually, and it’s another thing I really love to do. We’ve gotten a little too in the habit of eating out, for ease and time restraints, but I typically cook the majority of our meals. We don’t use a lot of processed ingredients and I’ll take the time to make most things from scratch. Not exactly cooking but related: we recently started using index cards to write down meals. It’s helping us feel less in a rut, since we can keep the things we just made towards the back and get ideas for the coming week.

Hitting. Goals, basically. One of my number one goals was to work with wovens more this year, and I think I hit that pretty well when I made a pair of real, actual jeans! I’m pretty flabbergasted by the amount of reaction one of my posts got in a Facebook group – I can’t even begin to think about being able to answer each and every comment. Plus, coming this week is a beautiful shirt made with a hard to work with woven fabric… Keep an eye out.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know below!


One thought on “Sunday Lately 006-2019

  1. Your jeans look great! I’m working on that myself (wovens) – I’ve made two pairs of jeans but wasn’t 100% happy with either, still some tweaking to do to get that “perfect pair”! Successfully have made one woven top, that was a first. It’s more fun than I’d convinced myself it was going to be! Lol.


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