Sunday Lately

Sunday Lately 004-2019

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe!  We e-hangout every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the past week of life in our own worlds. Full collection of posts can be found on Wild + Wanderful.

Sharing. There’s been a lot of sharing this week in the plus sewing community. It was sparked by an IG post about sizing in RTW and why they’re not usually inclusive. Unfortunately, it first led to some not so nice things being said by designers and some of our community being hurt. It also led to great conversation with many people talking about their experiences, their wants and needs and how they choose to support the designers they do. As for me, I’m tired of the fight. I’m tired of designers using threadbare excuses and blaming the plus body for why they don’t design for us. I’m tired of hearing that we’re not worth the investment, that were not there to help with fit testing, etc. I’ve said it in multiple places and I’ll say it again here: We are here. But we are NOT in your groups because you don’t cater to us. If you want to serve us, if you want to see if there’s an interest, you have to find us. YOU have to do that work, just like you did for your straight size customers.

Thinking. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week, since I’ve spent the week not feeling good. Thinking about sewing plans, thinking about upcoming events, thinking about information learned. Thinking about thinking itself and what it is. Which of course, leads me to my sister who just moved across the country to pursue a psychology degree. And of course, thinking about how we’ll miss her while she’s gone, and my brother soon, too.

Redoing. I haven’t actually redone anything this week. Like I said, I’ve been sick so I haven’t actually even done much. Which gives me anxiety because I have some deadlines coming up quickly. This next week may involve some redoing, though, as I make fit changes to items made recently.

This week has been a bit of a blur to me, and I’m going to have to do a lot of catching up next week to make up for it. It’s too bad that it’s the end of the month, because that meant more deadlines.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Lately 004-2019

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I am tired of the excuses too. Coming from a design background and having worked in the garment industry, that’s all it is, a bunch of thin excuses. But I am glad that I found so many new to me plus size sewists to follow!


  2. Feel better!
    I missed a lot of the IG discussion, but I’ve been gleaning bits and pieces this past week. I definitely understand that it’s a whole ‘nother thing, designing for our plus size bodies, but it really makes you appreciate those designers who will go there and value all their customers!


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