[Craft Clutter] 3: Project Planning

My final table to share with you is for my projects. (For now, because this is a work in project after all.) This one helps me track what I’m working on between personal projects, testing, Brand Ambassador commitments and anything else that might come up. So let’s jump right in, because I’m not sure if this will be a quick one.

I’ve tried lot’s of different options for tracking. I’ve tried a bullet journal, a regular journal, a blackboard calendar on the wall, etc. So when I sat down to think about what I needed in tracking, I wanted to make sure I had enough information listed but also easy ways to update (and of course with AirTable I won’t lose or forget it somewhere!).

I started with giving the project a name (though you could make it a number or anything you want) and adding any inspiration pictures or colors that I’m thinking of. This is helpful when I’m perusing Pinterest and want to recreate a look. I’ll then choose who the project is being made for and the reason. It could be for my sister for Christmas, for the kids for Halloween, for me for a test or just in general or even for a blog tour. You can see some examples of these below: the bottom two rows show the kids Halloween costumes from this past year, I have a few of the pieces I did for my sister for Christmas and some recent tests (these are all projects that have been completed or gifted, so no worries about sharing).

AirTable Projects

From there I can use the first two tables I set up and link them here. First is a link to the pattern I’ll be using, I have it set to be able to select multiple in case it’s a mash or a full outfit. I’m working on setting up another table for non-garment patterns, so you can see another field for that with one or two projects. It will have different descriptions than garment, so I felt it needed to be separate. Then you can see the field for linking to fabric, again with the option to choose multiple. I’ve also added a field for notes – this could be for changes to the pattern, a list of patterns I could use before deciding, notes on adding HTV, etc.

AirTable Projects grouped by who the project is for
AirTable Projects grouped by reason

Finally, I have columns that use check boxes to track my status. I liked this better than a drop down list of choices because it seemed easier to see at a glance. You could always choose to consolidate them into one field or leave it off completely. Then I added in columns to track due dates for tests, blog posts or when a tour is scheduled and if I have a specific promo date. (Honestly, I’m probably gonna get rid of the promo date field, it’s not often I have a specific date requirement.) These all include check boxes for completion, as well. I have one final “Completed” field that I leave filtered (“filter where “completed” is not checked”) so that once I’ve checked it the project will come off the list.

AirTable Projects, Status and Date fields
This is how I leave my sorting

For each multi or single choice field, you can set them to arrange alphabetically or set them in a certain order. In the fabric table I just left them as alphabetical, but for projects I set them myself based on what I would want to see first. I’m then able to leave the table sorted so that I can see what I need to work on first and what’s closest to done.

So far, I’m really liking using AirTable. It works well and is easy to set up even if it is time consuming. I feel like I’m more organized going into 2019 and I’m hopeful it can assist me in staying more organized. I want to feel less frazzled and this could be a big step towards that!

What would you think about a check in in 6 months? We’ll see if I’ve kept up with this and if I think there’s been an improvement.

Part 1: Fabric | Part 2: Patterns


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