2019 Goals

I’m so exhausted, but that virtual party was pretty incredible! It was great hearing from people all around the world and learning about your sewing thoughts and holiday treat cravings. Keeping up with comments was hard, and I know I missed some in the moment, but I’ve read them all now! We’re all already talking about what worked well and what could be improved for next year, so thank you all for being a part of the beginning 💜 I can’t wait to look back at this and see what this event becomes in 5 years. If you have ideas, feel free to comment and I’ll pass them along to the group.

It also gave me a great opportunity to review last year’s goals and see how I did, what I excelled at and what I just plain forgot (because I did on at least one, shhh). It’s nice to go over those and compare where I was when writing those versus where I am now to help make goals for the coming year. I don’t want to box myself in for 2019 with hard and fast rules, so I’m not making myself a list of makes. I have clothes, and as I see a need in my closet, I’ll fill it. I’m keeping it flexible and general. Let’s stop rambling and get to those, kay?

#1: I love my knits, and I always will, they’re where I started and damnit they’re just comfy. But… I want a challenge. I want to work through a muslin and make something with specialty seams. Some ideas include a button up blouse, a shirtdress, real jeans, maybe even a pinafore/jumper. Obviously, I do work with wovens but I want to do more of it.

#2: I have so much in my stash. I want to do my best to use it this year. I’m not saying full out fabric buying freeze (sorry babe!) but I do want to think more before I make a purchase. I’ve been trying to do this, so really is just a continuation, but I need to better. Now that holidays are over and I’m not looking for specific things for others, I can use what I have (and already like – that’s why I bought it) for me.

#3: I have some things in place to help with organization, I want to be better about consistently using them. Having some dedicated spaces for all the supplies is great, but I do still cut at the dining room table. I want to be better about clearing it in between projects. I also have some digital storage/organization that I need to work back up – after my computer crash I have a lot of work to do there. I actually had plans to do a series, so maybe this is a good time to dive into that.

#4: This is a huge interest of mine, so I want to dedicate more time this year to learning and doing. I have some books, and I learned some this past year, but I want to spend some time this year actually hands on – in paper making something. The major goal would be to make myself something from a pattern I completely drafted myself.

#5: This is another one that I started and is more of a reminder to keep doing. I don’t want to test things just to test, I want to test because the pattern fills a need for me (me, kids, etc) or because it’s a design  that I truly love and want to be a part of. I did this last year with the SOS update, both Miss Sass and I needed pants desperately and with Patsy, I really loved the boned bodice and jumpsuit.

#6: I feel like this one is hard to explain, but it’s more that I want to be better behind the scenes. I want to be better about planning, being consistent and organized. I want to have things ready ahead of time and not feel like I’m scrambling. I want to have a plan, but I think this is hard for sewing bloggers. So much of what we do is based on the latest make and sometimes that needs to coordinate with a designers’ timeline.

What are your sewing goals for 2019? Are you making a list of pieces you want to complete this year or sticking to general topics like me?

What about sewing challenges!? Just like last year, I plan on following the 100 Items Sewing Challenge and the 52 Week Sewing Challenge. I hope to post here monthly about those makes – I tried weekly last year and felt like it was too much! I also plan to follow along and join in some with #SewMyStyle2019 and of course Me Made May! Also – don’t forget to join us at House of Curves with our monthly Break the Rules series!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

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52 Week Sewing Challenge
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