Break the Rules with House of Curves

I wasn’t planning on blogging this, partly because there’s going to be a lot coming out in the next few weeks with holidays and freebies. But I realized I needed to for two reasons: I never made a real post introducing House of Curves and I’ve been struggling with this make in an emotional way.

Let’s start with the introduction. House of Curves was born from Pattern Testing 101 and Personal Stories and is a few things. To start with, we are a plus size sewing blogger collaboration created to support each other and give a private place for us to discuss content and plan. We welcome anyone who identifies as a plus size sewing blogger, if you’re interested you can find out more here. We are also a support group at House of Curves Hangout, where you’ll find us posting behind the scenes sneaks to blog posts, promo posts from us and others and some inspirational series.

Our first series is called Break The Rules, and for the month of November we’re making stripes! I chose to use some horizontal stripes I’ve had in the stash for a while and make a piece I’ve had saved to Pinterest for a while. The E&M Favorite Sweater recently released and fit the bill perfectly, except I didn’t have enough to make the cowl lined. I didn’t intend this to be a review, so I’ll just say that it’s a pretty simple pattern that came together easily and not harder than any raglan top. The only changes I made were to make the cowl a single layer due to fabric restrictions and make it slightly longer. I wanted to have the opportunity to wear it as a scrunched top or as a mini dress.

Now comes where I need to talk about the emotional aspect. I finished sewing this – I actually hemmed the entire thing – and put it on.. and felt… unimpressed, let down, overwhelmed and… like a fraud. You see, I finally realized that I had built this up in my head SO MUCH. This was something I had wanted to make for a while, but it was also something I knew I would be posting for the Break The Rules series, something to be used for inspiration to wear stripes… and it wasn’t this wonderful thing that I was in love with right away. How could I post this when I wasn’t confident in it? How could I take pictures and be the plus size blogger? 

I have been working so hard to use my voice to help this community and push for more inclusion. I’ve been working on feeling happy with myself and my body. I’m not all there, I have days where I just don’t feel confident in myself. It’s still a journey that I’m on, though. Body positivity doesn’t just happen. It’s something you work on, constantly. But that’s exactly why I have to do this, that’s a large part of why I started this blog. I’ve come so far since pushing myself to take these pictures, to post on social media. And the world needs to see more of that, we need to see more of that. So, I styled my piece, I did my hair and makeup and I got in front of the camera. And you know what? It’s been six hours and I haven’t taken it off. I started to like it. I got a compliment from my husband. I looked in the mirror and moved it around to see how I liked it. 

So, this is my make for stripes month.

Ellie and Mac Favorite Sweater

Sincerely Rylee Striped Knit

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  1. Wow!! I think you are so beautiful! I think the sweater looks fabulous on you and you totally pulled off the stripes!! I know that struggling with body image is a personal battle and I wish you could see how pretty you truly are! Thank you for taking time to post this, as I know that this resonates with so many people, each on their own levels. I am excited to see what you do next!!


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