All New SOS

SOS Pants have got to be my all time favorite pants pattern. I’ve made white capris, black capris, polka dot capris, black shorts, flares and more from them – just this last year! So when the ladies at Patterns for Pirates told the tester pool that they were going to be updating the pattern, I couldn’t wait and started ordering all the fabrics. Even if I wasn’t picked to test, I knew I’d be making lots since I needed pants for the cool weather. Luckily for me, I was picked. I even asked if there was any chance of a girls SOS being made, because Miss Sass wears similar pants but needs her ankles actually covered. And they delivered!

I was assigned skinny for both of us, which is perfect for me because I don’t typically wear a wide leg pant.My favorite fabric for these is ponte, and Joann’s actually has a lot of great options. I got more of my favorite black summer ponte, as well as a plaid and two colors I haven’t had a chance to sew up yet. I also ordered some stretch denim from The Fab Clique and used some distressed double knit I had on hand from So Sew English.

We went through a few versions of the women’s pants, but the fit is even better now. One of the major changes is that the grainline slightly changed, which completely eliminated what I thought was a knock knee! Some eases were changed, crotch fit perfected and more. Oh – and the back pocket width was narrowed in the larger sizes and markings added for knee and calf! The girls pattern went through much less changes, really just pocket widths being perfected.

I’m still working on my stretch denim pair – these have been my nemesis for almost a month! I ordered 2 yards, which should have been more than enough,and ran it through a few hot washes to help calm the denim. I took it out finally and it had shrunk SO MUCH. I couldn’t get an entire set out of it, when I can get a pair from 1 yard of ponte. So, I ordered some more,and only needed to cut the two back legs out of it. Well, as fate would have it – I forgot to mirror the legs. Of course. So I cut an entire pair for Miss Sass out of the scraps and put mine aside. I was going ti call it done, but ended up ordering more during a sale. I cut the (mirrored) leg and have been slowly working on them to hopefully keep any more mistakes from happening. Wish me luck!

As usual, the girls have awesome hacks planned for you, including full pattern pieces for a moto pant and cutting them down to shorts!

Until next time, happy sewing!

Patterns on sale until 11/19 midnight CST
P4P SOS Pants Ladies | P4P SOS Pants Girls | P4P SOS Pants Bundle
P4P SOS Pants Hacks Post

Black Summer Ponte | Black Plaid Ponte (Joann’s) | Ultra Stretch Denim | Distressed Double Knit


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