[TOUR] Boys in Pajamas

Welcome to another Sewing Blue Blog Tour! It’s great to have an extra push to sew for the boy, especially when patterns can be so hard to come by. Don’t forget to read to the end for links to all the other tour stops and a Rafflecopter giveaway for $20 to Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, the sponsor of our tour. This actually worked out more than perfectly for me, you see: last Christmas I made my mother a blue bathrobe, and as I made it and wrapped it, The Boy kept saying how he’d LOVE a bathrobe that soft. I told him we could make him one, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it before Christmas – and THEN MISS SASS GOT A BATHROBE FROM SOMEONE FOR CHRISTMAS.

It wasn’t a big deal to him at all, but throughout the next few months he would comment about her being cute in it, or how soft it was or how he’d like one. So, it was on my Christmas list for him. When the new of this tour came, I wasn’t sure I would sign up at first. He was (and yeah, now I say WAS – because we’ve apparently changed our minds in the last week) in a phase where he didn’t like to wear pajamas to bed. I scrolled through the pajamas patterns and the last on the list… Was a bathrobe. And he just fit in the size chart!

So, a new plan hatched. No longer would this be a Christmas gift, but a rare Mom and son outing! We got to go out for lunch just the two of us, drive to Joann’s and pick out whatever fabric he wanted. We went to Chipotle, since he’d been asking and I’m the only one who will eat it with him. We laughed about his not-really-wrapped burrito and took Snapchat pictures to send to friends. We stopped at Michael’s to look for peacock feathers for his grandma’s Halloween costume (too expensive). We spent over an hour in Joann’s picking the right fabric.

I hoped he would make it with me, but he graciously declined the offer. Lucky him, because the super soft fleece he picked is a bear. It sheds everywhere, it’s so slippery to work with… Don’t ever let me do this again. Or if I do, and I complain, remind me of this. (Future Nikki: when are you gonna learn, dummy?) Anyway, overall the robe goes together so easily and is a quick, satisfying sew. The hood is just oversized enough to feel slouchy, but not be too heavy. I messed up and put the hang loop on the outside of the robe, but I think it may work better for him that way. Or he’ll try to wear it after a shower but be clever and put it on while it hangs and get stuck on the towel rack. I’ll take pictures, promise.

Finally – slippers. These are a separate pattern that Amy from Peek-a-Boo surprised me with to make a complete set. These were my nemesis. Not only did I have fleece shedding everywhere, but I kept messing them up which meant more shedding. I finally got one slipper made and it wouldn’t fit his foot! I threw it all out, cut another pair and told him this was the last try or I would just buy him a pair. It worked – and it wasn’t hard once I figured out I had too many pieces the first time. And he’s thrilled, which makes it all worth it.

Comfy Cozy Robe | Comfy Cozy Slippers
Joann’s Sew Lush Plaid | Joann’s Sew Lush Solid

We’re all sewing up Peek-a-boo Pattern’s pajamas, and there are sew many to choose from! See some new ideas every day by following along with the tour below:

Fri. Nov. 2
Made for Little Gents (Intro to Tour)
Mon. Nov 5
Our Play Palace
Tues. Nov 6
Made for Little Gents
Wed. Nov 7
Phat Quarters Fabric
Thurs. Nov 8
Family of Makers
Fri. Nov 9
Elli & Nels in Stitches | Sewing Novice
Mon. Nov 12
My Sewing Roots | Momma Newey’s Makes
Tues. Nov 13
Manning the Machine | Custom Made by Laura
Wed. Nov 14
Sewing with D
Thurs. Nov 15
Seams Like Style | Ronda B. Handmade
Fri. Nov 16
Dreams and Stitches | Fils & Draps

Ready for the giveaway to Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop? Here you go! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I made this robe for my son in October because he outgrew his last one. My mother had given me some bright blue fleece-back terry. The colour demanded I add a shark fin on the hood!


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