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[TOUR] My Monster

Do you watch Arrow? We do, and we actually just started watching it from the beginning again with the Boy. He likes his superheroes and I like superheroes that are normal people without powers doing extraordinary things. I really like for him to see superheroes that aren’t infallible. I think it helps to make them more realistic and relatable. So, when he said he wanted to be the Arrow for Halloween (and the early season 1/2 version), I jumped at the chance! Plus, I signed up for the My Monster Tour with Sewing by Ti, and Arrow/Oliver seemed like the BEST choice since he struggles with feeling like a Monster so much.

tour image

I did a lot of looking around online for inspiration, because it’s surprisingly hard to find good pictures from the show. The lighting when Oliver is in costume is so dark! I ended up finding a couple promo pictures, but also using other people’s cosplay outfits as inspiration. We decided that the basic look should be moto-styled jacket and pants, with “the hood”. In early seasons, he doesn’t have as much high tech stuff and he’s mostly wearing things he would be able to go buy. Then came the issue of finding patterns that would work as the base for these pieces. There’s not a lot of PDF patterns that fit bigger kids, so that search took me a while. While searching for that, we started looking for fabric. I knew we needed dark greens and that we would want at least a leather type look, but that’s so hard to find! On a weekend trip to Joann’s (to get peacock fabric for Gram!) we found some green stretch suede that has a sort of leather look. So we grabbed about 3 yards to be safe and then found a darker green that paired well to make the hood.

I ended up deciding to use two patterns I tested: P4P’s Go To Jacket and M4M’s Lou Loungers. I tested the jacket on my husband, and while my son can fit into the sizing, he’s way to short! I’d need to shorten it by a full foot. Luckily, the cut lines for the banded options ended up being the right length for the zipper I already had. So, that’s where I started. I also sized down on it, because the Go To is a roomy fit but a moto jacket is much more fitted. The Lou Loungers I had actually tested on him, so I knew the fit would work, but I think I actually went a size larger and used the full height (instead of shortening for height like he usually needs), since he’s grown a bit. I went with the jogger version for a tighter fit through the lower leg, he agreed it would look closer to our inspiration that way, but we ended up not adding the band and just hemming.

Once all the pieces were cut, I used chalk to mark some chevron lines along the lower half of the sleeve and the pant. We picked a slightly lighter green thread from my drawer and stitched over those lines. I think it helps add some depth and detail to the costume, and it was something I was able to see in the few clear pictures of Ollie’s early suits. I added welt pockets into the jacket, since it was going to be pretty plain – and pockets are always nice. I didn’t measure and just kind of did a cheater welt by stitching a rectangle on the fabric RST, cutting and turning it through and then ironing to create the welt. I stitched the welt in place, folded the excess fabric up and serged to create the pocket bag. Finally, I came across the Pickle Toes Dill Pickle Tee, which goes up to a kids size 22! I plan to use this more in the future, but for the hood I cut the pattern off just below the arms and didn’t finish any edges or add sleeves. It’s a knit, so it won’t really fray, but I wanted an unfinished look. I actually wish I had found a canvas like fabric to use so I could distress it a bit. We also made a really quick thigh bag, also just by folding up a rectangle of fabric and sandwiching elastic straps between it. I don’t love the bag, but it’s okay for a last minute addition. topstitching to create paneled looks.

For some final touches, we took a couple of pringles cans, taped them together and painted them green. Then we took a long wooden dowel from Lowe’s, cut it into 6 pieces and sanded it smooth (sanding a point onto one edge) and painted those as well. I picked up some fletchings (the feather part) and we added those onto the flat end of the dowel, pushed some foam into the pringles cans and stuck the pointed dowels into the foam. Finally, we took a strip of fabric and stapled (yup, stapled – low tech here) it to the top of the cans and then tied it around the bottom – and you have a makeshift quiver!


We also picked up an actual kids bow from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Partially because my father in law used to bow hunt, the boy has always shown an interest and it’s a good lesson in responsibility – and partially because we were running out of time and I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make a cosplay bow before. We finished off his look with some face paint to create Arrow’s grease mask – it looks a lot like a TMNT mask in these pics, so I think we’re going to change it up on Halloween and make it just around the eyes, I double checked a picture and the early grease mask is less mask looking.


Overall, I love this costume! I also love that it’s made from a lot of reusable pieces that he can actually wear.

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

Patterns : M4M Lou Loungers | P4P Go To Jacket | PT Dill Pickle Tee
Fabric : Joann’s Olive Microsuede | Joann’s Interlock

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