Spring – Summer 2018 Capsule

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A while back, the Made for Mermaids team held a Spring Capsule Challenge. I [just barely] participated, but it made me take the time to think about capsules, something I’ve thought of but never taken time to really dig into. Now, this isn’t something I’ve ever wanted to go all out into it, I like my variety too much, but that it forces me to think about my makes is a good thing. I spent some time looking at my closet and paying attention to what I actually wear and what colors I want. Since it also started right at the same time as I did the Spring Into Color blog tour, it was easy to connect the two and continue.

Spring Capsule 3x3

I spent a lot of time shifting through my list of patterns (both tried + true and new releases) and colors to get a good mix. I didn’t look for the options that could make the most outfits, but for things that I would actually use. I don’t usually wear many layers, especially in the summer, and I have a few already that will be more than enough. I knew I needed some pants and shorts – though truthfully I may have become a little obsessed with making them – and that I’d want one or two statement pieces but the rest should be shirts.



Originally my one dress was going to be a slate blue Mama Isabel (I mentioned this in my 2018 Goals post), but then the Mama Adeline test came up and I knew that would be a great option. You can read my tester post on this dress here, it’s been a go-to weekly wear since then.



You saw my white capri SOS pants in the Spring Into Color tour.  Well, I’ve made two more! Both are summer ponte from Joann’s, but the plain black has a stiffer, more textured feel and the polka dots are much softer and stretchier. I made some changes to my pattern for these as well, starting with the skinny leg pants this time. I made a small swayback adjustment, then full tummy and knock kneed adjustments. I cut these as capris, as well, but I cut a size smaller waistband and made it a little shorter. The plain black are cuffed like the white ones and hit just below the knee, while the polka dots are hemmed at a long capri length.


As it’s gotten even hotter (like, temps hitting the 100’s!), I needed to break out some shorts to get that air flow. First is the P4P Linen Loungers – now I chose to use a very structured linen floral, which is okay for the shorts but would not work for the pants versions. I did end up needing to take these in quite a lot, everything just felt huge. After making them (with french seams throughout, of course), I decided to rip off the waist and leg bands, I then took in the sides and the inseam (but not the front or back rise) in by probably an inch each and cut off around 2″ of height from the waist and cut the bands to match. My other pair of shorts are the M4M Mama Cora Culottes, which again I did a lot of altering on for my preferences. Once again, I found the waist to be entirely too big and too high, as well as the knit waistband to be loose. I altered these in much the same way, but also scooped out some of the front crotch a bit for ease.


Finally, my focus could be on shirts. I find that I tend to grab the same few basic shirts and a couple of feature ones that I adore. The first two shirts are both Mama Ava’s which is probably my favorite loose fitting basics pattern. There’s enough options within the pattern that I can get two very different shirts, but only have one pattern to cut (and I can fold the sleeve piece to desired length without re printing, and lay the v-neck piece over the shirt front to save even more paper). The mint v-neck is the same fabric from my Mama Adeline dress and the lilac color is a rayon spandex also from Surge. Both of them have a swayback and a narrow shoulder adjustment, but otherwise are only different pattern options. I’m not sure if this v-neck construction method is in the pattern, but it’s just crossed over instead of sewn with an inverted V.

Mama Stella_l

I wear my metallic rose Mama Stella (from testing) constantly, so I wanted to recreate that in a more stable fabric to show off the keyhole better, and fell in love with the mint French Terry dots over at So Sew English. This has been worn less as the weather heated up, but also because I found some mysterious yellow stains at the bottom. I may as well also include a past make, since you can see it here. Just after the release of the Bridgette Bralette, I mashed it with the P4P Cross My Heart Cami pattern to make a tank version – well, now you can buy the Mama Bree and they’ve done the work for you!


Finally, I used two new (new release and new to me) patterns. First is the M4M Mama Kourtney, which I made as a tank with the knot option. I. Wear. This. Thing. All. The. Time. It’s loose and comfy and the knot makes me feel a little more put together. I did lengthen the front a touch, something I’ve been starting to do, but I don’t even think it was needed and I don’t think I did my usual narrow shoulder adjustment. Finally, the new(ish) Love Notions Classic Tee: I wanted to make minimal changes to this the first time I made it, but I know I need a narrow shoulder adjustment in tees and I dislike tees with sleeves that are shorter at the underarm (so I straightened the sleeve hem and extended it 1/2″). I didn’t do any other modifications, but I wish I had lengthened the front or made a full tummy adjustment, or even extended to a tunic length. I’ll definitely be reaching for this pattern again, but with my shape, I’ll be making these extra changes.


See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

Mama Adeline | SOS Knit Pants | Linen Loungers | Mama Cora Culottes
Mama Ava | Mama Stella | Mama Kourtney

Surge Fabrics | So Sew English

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