[TESTED] G+G Bonaroo Bundle

*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable. Using them doesn’t cost you anything, but will provide me with a small commission.*
**I tested this product for the designer, meaning I made this before the release in order to help create the best fit and instructions. I was given the pattern in exchange for my time, sewing, fabric, feedback, etc. The opinions expressed within are my own and do not reflect those of the designer .**

Are you ready for the boho, music festival skirt of your dreams? Admittedly, boho is not the first thing that comes to mind when describing my style. I don’t think it would even be the third. But. When Kristi showed us what she was working on. I was brought back to her runway show in NY and the very first piece to come down the runway. A piece that I gasped out loud about back in February.


This skirt has some subtle differences. There are less gores in this one, and it’s hard to tell if the shape of the inserts are the same. The skirt I made is paired with a shaped, woven, corset waistband. For my skirt, I used a georgette from Sincerely Rylee (it’s not on the site right now, but it was called Londyn – and she has a big sale tonight!) paired with a navy blue crepe from Hobby Lobby. They create this beautiful fullness and drape that feels like a cloud when I walk.


I was able to join up with Joan again for pictures, and we had a great time on this defunct train bridge near our houses. Well, I did. She was wearing heels and we didn’t know it didn’t have a full bottom, so she was nervous. I didn’t help when I started balancing (falling) on the rails. Sorry!


Joan made the high low version of the skirt with double ruffles and also used the corset waistband – there’s an option for a knit yoga band as well. I love that hers can show of her shoes, but be prepared, she did the math and she had over 38 feet of hemming to do! And then she had to gather it all!


Each one may take some time to make (and lots of thread!), but I loved wearing it and it has pushed me to look into going to a festival with my sister and a friend. I could imagine myself wearing it, listening to music in a field somewhere. It will happen. Maybe I’ll even make another skirt!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!


G+G Bonaroo Bundle

Sincerely Rylee Fabrics


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