[Tour] Petite Stitchery Rory

Today, I join a group of wonderful bloggers for the Petite Stitchery New Women’s Tops Sewing Patterns Release Blog Tour! I’m really excited because this is my first ever blog tour and it’s awesome to be linking up with all these other talented women. It’s a different experience from testing and that’s why I started this blog – to try new things. And I’m not the only one! Kelly Stevens (of On Wednesday’s We Sew) has started designing clothes for Petite Stitchery’s new women’s line. Isn’t that exciting? Congratulations, Kelly! Good luck, enjoy and have fun! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

The Rory Top & Dress uses fabrics like liverpool, ponte and supplex to give structure to the lightly gathered circle skirt/peplum. The skirt ends just above knees and peplum at full hip. Sleeve options include long, elbow and sleeveless with a band to finish. The interesting detail for this pattern, which is great heading into winter in the northeast, is the turtleneck. It’s shaped to be slightly wider at the base of the neck where it meets the top, and fits snugly against the neck.

My first top is made with a deep purple/plum colored ponte from Sly Fox Fabrics. Most of my online ordering is from these ladies and I’ve not been disappointed yet, plus the shipping is super fast! They’re in Ohio, so USPS can get the package to me pretty quickly but almost every time I have a notification within an hour (sometimes 20 minutes) that my package is awaiting pickup! That’s impressive.

I did not do any alterations to my first Rory, so I do like it but it doesn’t feel perfect. I decided I wanted to try it in a lighter weight knit. I decided on a rayon spandex blend I had and shortened at the suggested line by 1/2″. For this top I chose elbow length sleeves, but I didn’t shorten them, though I could have. It is noted in the pattern that drafted height is 5’5″-5’7″, and I’m 5’1″ or so. I do wish they included some measurements (sizing or finished) for the turtleneck. Being short is probably what makes it feel like too much for me, and I would’ve changed that going in had I known how much to change.

I’ll use this pattern again, but I’ll need to make a few adjustments. These are totally normal, but I can sometimes skip them and it’s always good to make a pattern outright to decide which adjustments are necessary. First would be a narrow shoulder adjustment, both versions are 1’2″ or more too wide to sit in the right spot, which pushes the sleeve down as well. Next is a full bust adjustment, something I’ll only do when using structured fabrics. I can feel the tightness across the bust with my ponte version, and if I stand straight/shoulders back I can see some pulling in the floral as well. But I’m lazy and will only do this for another structured version or if I make it for a nice event. One that I am trying to make sure I almost always do is a swayback adjustment,  this helps pull in along my lower back. I actually have a pretty major adjustment to do here, and I’m still working out the best shape for my body.


This pattern and another women’s top (the Lulu dolman sweater) release today. You can get them on sale for $7 each or in a bundle for $10 through Sunday! Don’t forget to check below for links to everyone else on this blog tour! Some of them are posting about Rory and some will be telling you all about Lulu. I’ll be checking them out along with you!

See you next time, until then – happy sewing!

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*As always, there are some affiliate links sprinkled throughout my post in an effort to one day turn my hobby into something that could be self sustainable.


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